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We are very excited to introduce Raptool 6.

Some examples of new features*:



Raptool now provides the fastest way to make custom RFID apps. Create and publish your custom app in less than an hour.

  • Rapid reading 900 tags per second

  • Long range, up to 30+ feet/9+ meters

  • Tag finder can let you find misplaced items

  • Count your stock in minutes compared to hours with barcodes

  • Use for: Inventory counting, warehouse management, retail and asset management…

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  New table design options  

​- Display images and icons in the table

- Both vertical and horizontal touch swipe scroll or button page scoll.

- Customize table columns header with, font selection, colours etc.

- Improved load speed for tables – Load 4-10 times faster


  Live OCR Reading  

Interpret texts live from the camera. See the text the Raptool app enterprets in real time and select to capture the text in the app.
Usage examples:

- Read car license plates

- Shipping documents

- Batch and serial numbers without a barcode

  Show video on all clients  

Display a video in any part of your app. For example, you can show an explanation for the user of what to do in an app…

Cosmetic Store

  App improvements  

  • Keep aspect ratio on output for image – No distortion of images if they are to small or big for the output field

  • Improved image sync. Take pictures on the mobile device and let the background sync handle the upload faster than ever.

  • Added spinner for web images – So user knows images are being downloaded

  • Error reporting – To help customers in support cases we added an option to send data about errors to our servers so we can easily find and fix issues in an app.


USB Sync for Android

USB sync for non wireless communication. Specifically, for government, military and other types of uses where wireless and network-based communication is not allowed.

Client 6 for Windows CE

Keep your CE devices alive and mix with newer android/iOS devices

Default Excel import/export

Export and import excel files directly from the PC Client...

Rounded corners

Visual elements can now have rounded corners.

HTML Backgrounds on web apps

Make nice looking web apps with Raptool.

Improoved image sync

Take pictures on the mobile device and let the background sync handle the upload faster than ever.

Popup screens

You can now create popup screens to enter data.


Styles allow you to create an app design and quickly modify that design for new customers, similar to CSS. Change colour schemes, fonts and other design elements in one place and affect your entire app.


Simplified popups for yes/no and other questions using the devices native dialogue design for iOS, Android, Mac Windows and Windows CE.

  App development  

  • Added send value when on button click – Faster app making

  • Case to compare – Multiple options to create comparison (Case or Switch stetements)

  • Regular expression to Operation. - Example validate email address in an inputfield

  • Expression function SQL ENCODE. expr function CHECK, expr functions ISNUM, ISDATE

  • Sync Interval are now variable, last stop is variable

  • Added case to compare – Multiple options to create comparison (Case or Switch stetements)

  Added functionality  

  • Popup screens - You can now create popup screens with any design you want. Can be used for data entry screens and many other things. 

  • Users can change IP and port by themselves in the app for a network printer.

  • Print direct. Send PDF, Word, Excel or any other printable file type direct to printer from PC Client.

  • Search for local files on the device, like images, sounds or data files and send/remove

  Speed improvements  

  • Clear local search result to save memory on the device and increase speed

  • Table loads faster

  • Background sync of files lice pictures are now faster.



  • Added styles - 

  • Added hint to the button

  • In the Designer you can select multiple actions to multi copy/paste/delete/move

  • Multi change wizards. Make repeatetive tasks easy with the wizzard

  • Real time error reporting – When you are making apps you can see live the errors that are present and easily fix them

  • Download history from app server – The app uploads are stored in a backup folder. If something is wrong with your newly published app you can easily revert to the last working version.

  • Set multiple values from a search to other actions – Before you had to use one Operation for every value you wanted to change. Now you can change a list of values with one single Operation.

  • New Database Viewer makes it easier to display data and columns right in the designer

  • Clone database structure – Create a clone of an existing CDS for testing purposes and clone the database for new customer.

*Includes changes from Raptool 5

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