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We are very excited to introduce Raptool 4. We have focused allot on adding

new features that let you make your apps look better, do more and even faster

development times. Here are some of the new features:
Text to speech, calendar, image/signature capture, video and much more.

New features. Examples:

Send SMS

You can send an SMS from your app through the Script Server. Use our account for easy setup or create your own account with your SMS provider.

Send email

Send an email directly from your app. Make a HTML template to make it look nice (any design you want). Create a PDF report and send that to your customer. For example you can send a shipping note when you are finished picking an order in a warehouse app.

Text to speech

The app can read out any text inside your app. For example, in the warehouse, the voice can tell you the next stock location, quantity to pick, product name… Available in most languages.

Voice to text

Use your voice to enter text in to any input field.

Google maps

Send an address and start Google Maps from your Raptool App

Show video

Display a video in any part of you app. For example you can show an explanation for the user of what to do in an app…

Background database sync

Databases can be synchronized in the background. User can work offline in places without mobile connection or Wifi, data is then synchronized in the background when internet connection is back. The last changelog check all changed data since the last connection. The user always has the most recent data available and can get lighting fast response from a local database.

iOT sensor support

Connect sensors and store values in Raptool. Examples: scales, temperature sensors, switches through com interface, IP integration...

Image capture

Take an image and log the file in a database. Synchronization of images can be done directly or in the background. CDS2 also supports displaying images in the web interface.

Signature Capture

Customers can sign on a touch screen phone or tablet. A signature image is saved locally on the device or synced to a server.

SQL Scripts

Write standard SQL scripts in your apps to join, find and edit data in databases. Use offline or online databases and join with any data from the app.

Live Search

The ​search result displayed in a table is updated with each character you type. Great for finding articles in an article list, names etc.

Operation and Comparison scripts

Create complex scripts in your apps. Now you can do more advanced calculations in the app so you don’t have to contact the server for advanced calculations. Less actions to make an app = faster development.

Hide/show/disable/change colour

New features in operation that allows you to list all actions you want to Hide/show/disable/change colour to hide features. Example: Hide the OK button until the form is filled in completely and then Show when it is finished. Change colour to red if a value is too low.

Copy paste entire screens

Copy paste table designs


Get database structure from CDS automatically

You no longer have to manually enter the settings for each table in a CDS database.


You can now easily create a list of all texts contained in an app and translate them to another language. Translate directly in the designer or export to a CSV and import again.

Colour change

Change all colours in an app in a few clicks. Makes design changes easy.


Bookmark commonly  used actions in your app to find them faster.


Set breakpoints to make debugging easier

Advanced debug mode

Press F8 to run your app in the simulator in debug mode. Debug mode lets you see all values and jumps as they change to easier find bugs in your apps.

Collapse screens

Collapse each/all screens to make big apps easier to navigate and develop.

Action description

Describe each action and what it does to make it easier to follow.

Set exit password

Lock the user from exiting the app.

New API for CDS2

Changing from CDS1 to CDS2 makes online calls 3 times faster. The new API for DS2 makes your online calls 2 times faster. Lightning fast online response is the result.


Shows a nice designed calendar to select dates in an app.

Time select field


Check box


Sorting in the table

Push the header of a column to sort on that column. Pre-order sorting on any criteria

Copy paste table/search structure                     

Reload table and search without re-entering structure

Display files

Show a PDF, excel or other file formats from the app. Example: generate  a PDF report from the Script Server and display it from the app.


Goto Action Value

Lets you easily change where actions jump depending on the criteria from the app. Jump to the name of a selected action value. Allows you to make more flexible jumps.

Operation calculation: Div, Mode, Ceil, Floor

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