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Easy Inventory COUNTING APP

No more pen and paper!
Use a phone, tablet or industrial device to count your stock. Raptool has many ready apps you can use as they are. The app can easily be customized to your needs.

Windows Phone, Mobile App development
iPhone, iPad, iOS fast App development
Android App development
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Use one of our hundreds of ready apps, make your own changes or outsorce app development

integration & CDS

easy integration

Simply upload/download a data-files like Excel, CSV, XML and work offline.  Or do a full integration to your ERP online.
Best Warehouse Management App by Raptool
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Best Warehouse Management App by Raptool


online data

Upload the articles to or could database. All users access the same information and work together to count the stock.
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All Raptool software is sold through our global reseller-network that can sell and support the software and hardware you need, in your coutry


Send us a quick message with your questions or to purchase. Also to download Windows CE or PC Clients. Raptool Solutions is sold through our global partner network from just 15 Euros per month.

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You can use your Tablet or Phone: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone...
If you require barcode scanning you can use the built-in camera in apps (push the small square in the Input Field) BUT, we strongly recommend using a real barcode reader. Either a bluetooth barcode reader or a professional Android, Windows CE, Windows Mobile device. Our resellers can help you find the right hardware. Some examples:

Opticon H27, Datalogic Memor, Datalogic Skorpio, Datalogic Elf, Datalogic Falcon, Datalogic Lynx, Datalogic Axist, Zebra TC51, Zebra TC55, Zebra MC1X, Zebra MC2100, Zebra MC40, Zebra MC55, Zebra MC900, Zebra TC55, Zebra TC70, Zebra TC75, Zebra TC8000, Psion Workabout, Zebra TC56, Honeywell Dolphin 75e, Honeywell 70e, Honeywell CT50, Honeywell CN51, Honeywell CK3X, Cat phones, Cat B15, Cat S40, Cat S60, Cat S30, Cat B30, Cat B25, Cat B100, Panasonic Toughpad FZ-X1, Unitech PA700.

Our inventory counting  app is available in version for: Retail, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Asset management... Contact us for more information.
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