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Hardware Freedom
Raptool WMS runs on Android, iOS, Windows and MAC. Allowing you to mix and match between phone style and tablet devices. For most warehouses we recommend purpose built device from our hardware partners: Zebra, Honeywell or Datalogic.

One App: iOS, Android, Windows


Optimize your warehouse with mobility

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Whether you need to manage growing e-commerce company or a major manufacturing operation — Raptool WMS is the intelligent warehouse management system for you. Anything can easily be customized in Raptool WMS to fit your business needs.

Raptool WMS gives you complete control over your inventory, allowing you to manage and control all warehouse resources in real-time. We makes sure your promises are delivered on time so you can satisfy your customers’ expectations.

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One App: iOS, Android, Windows

Hardware Freedom
Raptool WMS is native app (not a web page) that runs on Android, iOS, Windows and MAC. Just download the app (raptool client) from the Playstore, Appstore or our download page, login and you are good to go. You can mix and match between phone style and tablet devices. For most warehouses we recommend purpose-built device from our hardware partners: Zebra, Honeywell or Datalogic.

Raptool Android Client
Raptool iOS Client
Raptool Windows Phone Client

Barcode scanning

Barcode scanning drastically decreases errors and increases speed in all parts of the warehouse. Sending out the wrong product to a customer can be expensive, return shipping, wait times, stock level errors…

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Raptool WMS can easily be fully integrated to your existing system with our no-code integration engine or run as a standalone system. Our Integration Server can integrate to any ERP though Webservice, SQL, JSON or simple file exchange. We have many ERP-connections ready from the start.


Cloud or local
Run the system on our secure cloud servers or install on your own servers.


Your Raptool WMS can be updated with RFID at any time. RFID is a small chip is mounted in the same typ of lables you have on your boxes. You can scan thousands of products per second without opening the boxes at range is up to 33 Feet (15 M).


We know every business is unique. To make customizations fast and cost effective we have built our WMS in the No-Code, rapid development platform: Raptool Designer. We can easily make changes to make the system fit all your specific needs. The Raptool Designer is also included free of charge if you want to make changes on your own. Development is fully drag and drop, making adjustments up to 20X faster than traditional programming.

Text to speech

To make the order picking process even more efficient we have a voice picking module. The voice will tell you where to go, what to pick and how many. If you are picking multiple orders at the same time the system tells you what box to put the item in. Use a small finger mounted barcode scanner or scanner or trolley/forklift mounted. Use a headset or speaker on the trolley for the voice

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Other Features

  1. Multiple bins/locations. Keep inventory balances separate from your different physical warehouses and positions.

  2. See which customers received a specific LOT/Batch/Serial number.

  3. Mobile Stocktaking. Count your inventory quickly and easily with barcode reading on a mobile device. 

  4. Mobile picking. Get picking orders and report in the mobile solution. Use our Text-To-Speech engine to read the next location to go to. Saving even more time in the picking process.

  5. Production. Manage Composite products material use.

  6. Goods received. The order is checked by upon arrival at the warehouse.

  7. Barcode or RFID Reading, batch number, serial number, best before date, etc.

  8. Vendor order. Automatically create orders from reorder points

  9. Service Technician. Keep track of inventory in different cars.

  10. Customer Order Portal. Web portal and app where your customers can log in and order to contract prices.

  11. Text to voice. The system can read the information to the user making him work faster without the need to look at the display

  • All our software can be run on: Android, IPhone, IPad, Windows, Mac and PC.


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  • Basic WMS

    Every month
    Easy to use mobile WMS for small to medium businesses
    Valid for 12 months
    • Mobile WMS
    • Barcode reading support
    • AI Picture to text
    • Label printing
  • Most Popular

    WMS Pro

    Every month
    Made for integration to ERP systems, webshops etc.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Picking list integration
    • Purchasing module
    • Recive purchase orders
    • Production management
    • Pick by voice
  • Custom

    Every month
    No Code - Customized to fully follow your business process
    Valid for 12 months
    • Spcify your needs and we will build your solution
    • Develop on your own or outsorce. Quote for price
    • NO-Code development, 10X faster
    • Get an app fully adjusted to your business

Minimum order is 2 licenses. 1 for backend and 1 for mobile device. Integration is available for all plans at 50 USD per month for your entire company, no aditional cost per user.

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