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Windows Phone, Mobile App development
Android App development

Easy order

Let your customers and sales-people use an easy-to-use app to order your products. Simply scan barcodes for the products you want to order or select from a list: retail, healthcare, restaurants and many other type of business. Android, iOS and Windows

Android App development

SEARCH or Scan


Scan a barcode with the camera or use a professional device with a real barcode scanner. You can allso free text search to find products.

Click on the sprduct group in the purple column. Now only the products bellonging to that group are shown to the right. Select thr product to order...


Here you can see all the products you are about to order. Resort the list by clicking on the header


Push the Finish button to send your order. Clear the list or go back to the main menu.

Windows Phone, Mobile App development
Android App development
Android App development


The order tha was created in the app can be stored in Raptool CDS Cloud service, integrate to an existing system or sent as a file.


Store your orders the Raptool Cloud. Easily access data through the web-interface.


Your orders can be  automatically sent to you or your supplyers. The order can be sent as a PDF, CSV, ODBC, EDI and many other formats. An email can automatically be sent or you can integrate directly to other systems.


Raptool WMS can be set to detect low stock levels and automatically suggest products to order.

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