Ticket Scanning Solution

Scan tickets for guests at football games, treadshows, moives...

 - Offline mode. Local ticket list, work without Wifi.

 - Online. Cloud ticket list. Multiple entry points.

 - Scan tickets online in less than 0,2 seconds.

 - Multiple entry points, no way to cheat.

 - iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac

Windows Phone, Mobile App development
iPhone, iPad, iOS fast App development
Android App development


Easy ticket scan cloud

  • Backend - Uploading valid tickets

  • Backend - See tickets scanned live, create reports

  • Mobile app -  Scan tickets online. iOS, Android, Win

  • Mobile app - Multiple entry points

  • Scanner Kiosk - Insted of phones you can set up scanning kiosks where the visitors scan the ticket by them selves.



2 Mobile/Scan Kiosk users + 1 Backend license.

50 Euros/Dollars per month.


6 Mobile/Scan Kiosk users + 1 Backend license.

100 Euros/Dollars per month. 


50 Mobile/Scan Kiosk users + 1 Backend license.

400 Euros/Dollars per month.


Aditional users 

20 Euros/Dollars/aditional user.


Offline version is the same price but can be purchased as a lifetime license for 300 Euro/Usd per user. Installation on your own server: 800 Euros/per server + 300 Euros per user. 

Contact us or your Raptool Reseller for volume discounts.


Web form

Include a webform where users register. Mobile QR-tickes are generated and sent per email to the visitor.

+50 Euros/Dollars/Month


Registration kiosk. Let users register at the event. Include a visitor managem

+First kiosk 30 Euros/Dollars/month


Integrate to you own web-form or other systems. Autmatically pickup valid tickes from webservice, databses, excel sheets.

+ 50 Euros/Dollars/month


All features can be customized without programming in the free Raptool Designer. Customize by your self or outsource to us or our partners.

Minimum 6 months for all prices. Sold through Raptools global resellers network. Contact us for your closest reseller.

App ScreenShots

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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