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Raptool Green Policy

We prioritize and encourage a green work and private life

We constantly train our employees regarding a sustainable lifestyle both at work and in your private life. Being a software company, we have a small eco footprint, we do not manufacture or transport goods, but we do what we can to lower the small footprint we have. Many of the software solutions we make for customers work towards minimizing paper use and making transportation, logistics and service more efficient and consuming less energy.


100% Renewable Energy

We’re only purchasing energy from renewable sources for our data centers and offices – eco-labeled "Good Environmental Choice" by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Optimized Heat Recovery

In Stockholm, our data center’s excess heat is being part of keeping its citizens warm year-round through district heating.

Electronics Recycling

We make sure electronics are recycled in a cost-effective, sustainable and reliable way – always considering replacing obsolete electronics with more efficient appliances.

Ultra-Clean Backup Power

Our emergency generators are powered by EcoPar – an ultra-clean fuel that reduces the CO2 emissions by up to 50 percent throughout its lifecycle according to ISO 14040.


Travel policy

We minimise our travels and do most of our meeting through web-meeting platforms. When traveling we encourage our employees to prioritize train travel when possible.


Document printing

We minimise the use of paper. Only a minimum of documents are printed on paper. On average we print less than 10 papers per employee per year.

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