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Raptool Cloud Data Storage

Trying to change the way your ERP-system works can be painful. CDS is built to be flexible add-on to your existing systems. Adding columns and tables is as easy as adding a sheet in Excel. But a powerfull SQL-Database is created...


  • Add/Remove tables and columns like in Excel

  • Upload data or integrate through Web-service

  • Your Raptool app-users can access and report back data

  • View your data in CDS web-interface. 

  • Export reports to Excel, PDF, CSV.

Raptool Cloud Data Storage - Screenshots


Web-interface to you database

In the web-interface you set up your databases. Decide how many columns you want and what data they should contain. Populate your database through the web-interface, import a database, integrate to your existing systems through web-services or use your Raptool mobile application to populate the database. All you mobile devices can now access and change the data through your Raptool application. In the web interface you can import data, create reports, change bulk data and search for data.You can also customize the look of your CDS and give different users different access.

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