Acne Jeans select Raptool for their mobile store-logistics solution

The solution is fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail


Fashion giant Acne Studios, was looking for a new mobile solution to handling store logistic more efficiently. Raptool could help Acne get a customized solution after only a few days of work. The system is running in Acne flagship stores all over the world.



Acne Jeans Inventory counting

Acne Jeans Inventory counting

Using a barcode reader to scan barcodes and enter the counted quantity. Inventory count is done in about 1/4 of time compared to pen and paper.

Mobile Goods Receiving

Mobile Goods Receiving

The list of shipping orders is exported from Microsoft Dynamic AX Retail. In the mobile device you scan the barcodes on the received products. Products missing in a delivery are easily found.



Returns are made easy with the Raptool Retail Returns app. Just scan the barcode of what you want to return.

Hardware, Acne

Hardware, Acne

The Raptool app Acne is using runs on the Datalogic Memor. It is a small robust mobile device with a built in barcode scanner. The mobile devices connect to the server through Ethernet docking


The Raptool client supports enterprise mobility devices. Give your application functions like:

  • Barcode reading

  • RFID & NFC reading

  • Label printing


A Global solution with centralized management

Paris, LA, Sydney, LA, New York, Tokyo... All in all Raptool is in over 100 Acne Stores all over the globe. stores connected to a centrlized Raptool Communicator server. It can run upp to 10000 devices. Acne jeans also decided to get the Designer all to be able to do changes to the app by themselves. Since Acne did not want to install wifi in all their stores they use Ethernet to sync the data to the central server.


Remote Updates

If an update is made to the app it is automatically downloaded when the device connects.

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