Barcodes in short

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QR Barcodes in short

We get allot of questions about barcodes. So here is just a quick introduction. There are two basic types: 1D and 2D. 1D is your basic "bars and stripes" barcode that you see in your store every day. 2D is the ones you see (saw?) in news-paper ads where they want you to “scan to go to our web-page”. Which I don’t know anyone who has ever done :). But there are more useful ways to use QR and other 2D barcodes. Lets say you are producing food and you want to scan: Article number, Batch-number, Best-before-date, production-date. A QR code would just take up a small space on your product and you could scan all the info in one go. A traditional 2D barcode would be very big or be divided in multiple barcodes = multiple scans = slower. On the other hand, most barcode readers are traditional 1D. RFID, 1D, 2D, Whatever you want, we can help you figure it out.