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Restaurant Inventory and order app

Here is a little move of an app we made for a restaurant. It is inventory counting and Ordering solution.


It is in Swedish unfortunately. But the steps are:

  • Select menu. You can have different menus different weeks…
  • In CDS there is an X for the product that belongs to that menu = it should be counted.
  • In the video “Sommar” = Summer menu is selected.
  • The whole list of products for this menu is downloaded to the mobile device.
  • In the inventory list the different storage areas are shown “Disk” is selected = Dish washer.
  • All products belonging to “Disk” Are displayed.
  • Now you just click on the screen to select it and enter a QTY.
  • Repeat until all areas are gone…
  • Upload the list to CDS with a button push.
  • In CDS you can overview the list in the web-interface or an order can be created directly.
  • The order can be split to different suppliers and emailed automatically.


The Raptool Script Server that does the emailing, sends SMS, creates PDFs…


The app runs on Android, iOS, Windows… Anything really.

They can use an barcode device or a Cheap Android phone or tablet…

The app is prepared for barcode reading if they want.

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