Raptool WMS

Raptool WMS

Wearable computers, ring scanner voice picking... Or just a super simple warehouse solution for your small business. We have it all.

Raptool Easy Warehouse

Raptool Easy Warehouse

Mobile worker in action

Raptool WMS

Raptool WMS

runs on any device! Android, iOS, PC, MAC. Mix and match as you want.


Easy Warehouse Management

Raptool Easy WMS is an easy-to-learn, cost effective solution if you are looking to make your warehouse more efficient. There are ready integrations to many ERP systems, some examples: Microsoft Navision, Visma Administration, Visma Business, Jeeves, Fortnox and Winbas. Adding a new ERP is easy through our API. The API is available as a web-service or you can use data-files (XML, SQL, Excel, Access, CSV). You can use the Apps and API only or add CDS if you need a backend to store stock levels and other data. Connect other apps like Raptool Order and let your customers place orders directly to your system.


Best Warehouse Management App by Raptool

Mobile Solution

In the warehouse you use mobile devices to move stock, count stock, pick orders, receive goods etc. They conect to CDS wifi, 3G.


Best Warehouse Management App by Raptool

Web backend

You access your stock-levels, order status etc through an easy to use Web-interface on any type of device. You dont need to install any server-software. Its all in the cloud.


Best Warehouse Management App by Raptool


We can integrate your existing ERP system online through web-service. You can allso import and export data from your existing systems through CSV or XML-files.


Add functions you are missing in your existing systems with Raptool WMS

With Raptool There are a number of ready-made add solutions for ERP systems. We can also make solutions that are custom. Select any functions you need. Here are some examples:

  1. Multiple bins/locations. Keep inventory balances separate from your different physical warehouses and positions.

  2. Mobile Inventory. Inventory countyour inventory quickly and easily with barcode reading on a mobile device

  3. Mobile picking. Get picking orders and report in the mobile solution.

  4. Production. Manage Composite products material use.

  5. Goods received. The order is checked by upon arrival at the warehouse.

  6. Barcode or RFIS Reading, batch number, serial number, best before date, etc.

  7. Vendor order. Automatically create orders from reorder points

  8. Service Technician. Keep track of inventory in different cars.

  9. Customer Order Portal. Web portal and app where your customers can log in and order to contract prices.

  10. Text to voice. The system can read the information to the user making him work faster without the need to look at the display

  • All our software can be run on: Android, IPhone, IPad, Windows, Mac and PC.

One App: iOS, Android, Windows
One App: iOS, Android, Windows


Choose from many ready-made apps and solutions. We can also adapt the solution. Raptool makes customizations quick and easy. You get a function that is tailored for your business. They can run on Android, Apple, Windows, or in a Web browser. We have apps designed for phones, tablets or computers.


We may download and provide all data available through the from your existing ERP/WMS solution.  For example, item registers, orders, customer tables, etc. We can also download and submit data from other systems such as Webshops, Excel files, POS-systems.


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