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Raptool Communicator

Our apps are real apps, not just a glorified web-app. This means you can decide when, where and how your app should communicate with the rest of the world. You can work completely offline or online and mix on-off-line. The Raptool Communicator is available in three versions:


  • USB. Only for Windows CE and Windows Mobile

  • NET. Communicates on demand

  • ONLINE. Send and receive live data, work on or offline and sand back data

Raptool Integrator

The Raptool Integration server lets you integrate your existing systems to your mobile solution. Integrate live, online or work offline and send data when you have connection. You decide. You can integrate directly to databases.

  • SQL

  • XML

  • CSV


  • ODBC

  • Web-Service

  • SOAP

  • JSON

Integrate to your system?

Many ERP-solution providers use Raptool to make mobile solutions.

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